“I could not have had a better experience at Orthodontics of the Southern Tier. The consultation process was smooth, and Dr. Mostafa as well as his staff answered all my questions with detailed responses. I especially enjoyed being able to use the cutting edge technology, like the 3D iTero scanner. The office’s dedication to following covid-related protocols is much appreciated. I can’t recommend Orthodontics of the Southern Tier highly enough!”


"My Invisalign treatment started in October of 2019 and ended in January of 2021. It was great...it was smooth...it was easy-going. Dr. Mostafa and all the staff here were very compatible with all my needs and easy to fit in any sort of schedule I needed, and it was really a lot better than the traditional braces treatment."

"The Invisalign process really was quite simple. Trays come in, you wear them week after week, and change them out kind of at your discretion until you feel like you maxed out your movability with your teeth, and it's pretty straightforward after that."

"My favorite aspect of the Invisalign treatment was probably the clear aligners. It was almost as if they weren't really in your mouth, and not very noticeable. I'd go into work and nobody could really tell I was wearing them at all. I think that was the best part about it."